A Faith That Moves Mountains

The Ground Shook

In 2010 a devastating earthquake hit Haiti, leaving destruction and desolation in its path. Marie, a young student, found herself in the epicenter of it all, grieving and reliving familiar emotions of loss and suffering. At the age of seven, Marie’s heart got broken. Her family of four was split up by her parent’s divorce paving a long road of anger and resentment.

The Aftermath

Her survival was a mistake. That’s how Marie felt after having to say goodbye to friends, neighbors and family in the blink of an eye. But it was the unspoken wounds of her past that flourished, making her feel unwanted. She felt her existence would only add to the problems in her family. She felt like a burden to her parents.

Suicidal thoughts started to linger in her mind, promising to end the heartache.

Saved by Grace

In her darkest hour, she thought maybe there was someone who would help her. She went online looking for prayer. After finding a Global Media Outreach website, she was immediately connected to her Online Missionary, Smitty. Marie found a friend in Smitty, but most importantly, she met Jesus and her life was transformed.

Marie let God put the pieces of her broken heart together again, letting forgiveness embrace the emptiness inside her soul. She said:

“They say the Internet isolates people, but to me it was a window…”

Hear Marie share her story in the video below:

To help people like Marie find redemption, give a gift today.

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