Alinani's Story

In a world that encourages unrealistic views of self-worth and beauty, a Zambian woman named Alinani is part of a disheartening statistic. During a regular visit to her doctor, she found that she is HIV positive, making her one of the 78 million people diagnosed with the disease since the start of the AIDS epidemic.* After her diagnosis, Alinani experienced a quick, emotional downward spiral that led her into a state of depression. It seemed that God had forsaken her, leaving her vulnerable to the adversary’s tactics. 

The Apple of His Eye 

After her diagnosis, Alinani’s days turned into a senseless routine. As her love for life and happiness was slowly dimming, God showed up in a mighty way. While searching online for healing and treatments, an online advertisement appeared on her computer screen, sharing the message of hope in Christ. Alinani began to read the plan of salvation and was instantly connected to an Online Missionary. After sharing her story, Alinani received an encouraging message from her Online Missionary, Emma, which changed her outlook on life. Emma said, “So do you want to just give up or trust The One who has conquered the world, the grave and the devil? Trust in Him.”

So, Alinani trusted the Lord.

30-Day NextSteps  

Alinani could not help but to fall in love with the Jesus that Emma described, the Messiah that came to Earth to die for her. That day, Alinani gave her life to Christ. In her pursuit to learn more about Jesus, Alinani took the challenge to complete the 30 Day NextSteps discipleship study alongside Emma and left this response after she completed it: 

“This has been such a wonderful and life-changing journey, though I can truthfully and honestly say I still have a lot to learn but I’m seeing from my own understanding the wonders that God is able. Please continue uplifting me and encouraging me with the word I’m like a child who is born again without him I’m worthless, just an empty shell but through his grace I feel whole again.” 

Radiating God’s Promises  

Alinani communicates with Emma on a regular basis. With her encouragement, she is seeking people in her area for Christian fellowship. Earlier this year she shared: I started the ‘read the bible in a year’ plan. I’m on day 8 today and it’s going well. I [also] joined a Whatsapp group [called] ‘She Stands Redeemed’ of amazing ladies helping grow in spirit...we are all going to meet for the first time next Saturday…[I’m] really excited. [I am] putting my focus on Jesus."  

In the eyes of the world, Alinani was just a statistic. But in the eyes of the Savior, she’s His precious, beautiful daughter, worthy of His unconditional love. To share the love of Jesus with people like Alinani, give your best gift today.

*UNAIDS Gap Report, Page 123
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