Daniel's Story

Daniel’s Story 

As one of the fastest growing economies in it’s region, Peru has seen strong growth in employment and reduction of poverty in the past decade. * With so much optimism resonating in the country, Daniel, a young engineer decided to embark on an exciting business venture with his long-time friend. However, his hopes and dreams for a financial breakthrough were shattered when he found out his investment was actually a scam orchestrated by his friend. With thousands of dollars in debt and no source of income, Daniel was in a place of desperation. 

Looking for a way out 

As a mountain of bills continued to pile up, Daniel started to search for answers online, referring to horoscopes and witchcraft techniques to try and find out about his future. During one of these searches, a GodLife advertisement appeared on his screen urging him to receive God’s hope. After reading a Gospel presentation on GodLife.com, Daniel was connected with Santiago, an Online Missionary located in his own city of Lima. Daniel responded: 

“I declare that he is my only almighty God.... Help me with your prayers, so that God will guide me on how to solve all my problems, to start, and start from scratch. I’ve asked God to give me eternal life and to help me get closer to him. I would like for you to help me, please start with the basics and get deeper in understanding the Bible.” 

A True Friendship 

Although he now accepted Jesus, the feeling of betrayal that lingered after losing everything to his friend made it difficult for Daniel to trust others, but Santiago never stopped sharing his faith with Daniel. His dedication and constant return to the Gospel started softening Daniel’s heart to true friendship. 

After months of discipleship, the two men decided to meet at a local cafe to have weekly devotionals. Living in the same city made it easier for Santiago to become Daniel’s accountability partner and soon they were both attending the same church. 

“I am so thankful for everything. You are my guide to this new life, I am so grateful. I finished the baptism classes and will get baptized.” 

Two years after Daniel and Santiago started their relationship, Daniel got baptized and is now serving at the church alongside his teacher and friend. His financial situation has been slowly improving, and though he is not sure what the future holds for him, he knows who holds his future. 

“God has put you in my path and I am so thankful for your guidance, I believe that Jesus is the only way. Yes, I believe in the all powerful God.”

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*The World Bank, 2017

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