Searching for Home

Any person who comes to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior has a story worth telling. For Liang, recommitting his life to Jesus was no different. As a Chinese native, a father and a husband, Liang felt pressured to meet the expectations of his family and society. But when Liang found himself away from the noise that surrounded him, his soul longed for the Savior. For three years, Liang felt a void in his heart that could not be filled by his job, his wife or his children. Instead, bitterness and discouragement overwhelmed his thoughts. How was it that someone who was once so on fire for God strayed on a path that seemed to have no return? 

In the palm of his hand 

Reaching a point of desperation, Liang began to search for answers to his spiritual needs. As he searched, an advertisement popped up on the small screen of his phone, opening the door to a new beginning with Jesus. 

“I felt so alone crying and grieving. There’s no one to talk to and ask help. And then with the phone in my hand, there’s an ads that pop up into my screen and saw word “God.” That’s how it leads me to your site Right away I wrote a prayer to God.” 

A few hours after sending his prayer request, Liang was connected with Jordan, his Online Missionary. The idea of safely talking to a fellow believer thousands of miles away allowed Liang to open up and share the regrets hindering his relationship with Jesus without any shame. 

A new direction

“It’s almost 3 years I stopped reaching for God. I became so weak due to many challenges in life. And it wasn’t really easy. I was in the darkness until this new year entered and I get tired of my life. Family, relationships, jobs, being away from home and kids. But there was still part of me saying ‘get up! Don’t give up!’ My soul was being restless.”

There is no promise that the problems and trials in Liang’s life will disappear. That’s what makes the hope of spending eternity with the Lord shine brighter in his life. Liang has experienced a genuine transformation. His life is now defined by the commandments written in the book of life and he was vowed that his life will be a living testimony to those around him. 

“I started already reaching to God again...Some of my friend noticed my temper. Thank you so much for supporting me by sending word of God through email... I have a bright hope again and I have this feeling of excitement with this journey with Jesus Christ again. I am looking forward [to] help some of my friend too that need God in their lives.” 

To help other just like Liang encounter the love of Jesus for the first time or recommit themselves to the Lord. Give your best gift today.

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