The Nativity


Great Christmas Gift!


The Nativity has been so popular we have run out! The response to our email has been so overwhelming we have given away all the free books we had. Thanks to everyone who responded so quickly and the books will be in the mail very soon.

The Nativity tells the true story of Christmas. Based on Biblical accounts, this fast-paced, short book gives the whole story of the original Christmas and invites people to consider how they would respond to Christ. The Nativity is excellent for outreach and for gifts this Christmas season.



This book is written for everyone
For friends, family members and co-workers. It is small and easy to hand out as a gift book or to send to non-Christians who you know. It includes an invitation for the reader to begin a personal relationship with Jesus and gives the reader the story of Christmas from the point of view of each person.

Written by Mark Weimer, CEO of Global Media Outreach, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, The Nativity is an ideal gift for the seekers in your life.



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