As we celebrate 15 years of Global Media Outreach, we invite you to look back upon how the Lord has been faithful, opening doors and providing resources to reach the lost through technology.

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We Have a Choice: Hope or Fear

Christian News Journal - 3 min

We’re learning a lot about fear these days . . . and about hope.

What Faith Organizations Can Take From the COVID-19 Crisis

Connect Faith - 2 min

As fear grows amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, faith organizations are finding new...

Charisma News: 2 Billion People Will Hear The Gospel

Charisma News - 2 min

Global Media Outreach—the leader in online evangelism—is on pace to top 2 billi...

Christianity Today: The Impact of Online Evangelism & Global Media Outreach

Christianity Today - 3 min

Tens of thousands have clicked to pray for salvation since the outbreak. Is the...

One News Now highlights Global Media Outreach Efforts

One News Now - 3 min

Record numbers seeking spiritual help globally over coronavirus

FOX News: Record number of people turning to Jesus

Global Media Outreach - 2 min

Online ministries see a record number of people turning to Jesus amid pandemic

Faith Radio Interviews Global Media Outreach Founder

Global Media Outreach Staff - 2 min

Our founder talks to Carmen LaBerge about how God led him to develop Global Med...

CNJ Mentions Global Media Outreach

Christian News Journal - 3 min

​​​​​​​“What if we could meet people at their point of need? What if we could b...

Global Media Outreach on Bill Martinez Live

Global Media Outreach

Listen to Seeker Journey Director, Michelle Diedrich discuss the importance of ...

Faithwire Spotlights Global Media Outreach

Faithwire - 3 min

How does evangelism work when we can’t see each other face-to-face?

COVID-19 causes people around the globe to seek spiritual assurance at unprecedented levels

Global Media Outreach Staff - 3 min

As the COVID-19 virus stokes worldwide fear for physical, financial and employm...

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