How do we create a Gospel Presentation?

1. The genesis of the creation of a new Gospel presentation is generally quite organic. Our outreach team is in constant communication with our 12 language teams, who are directly in tune with their unique cultures and the felt needs present within them.

An idea for a new Gospel presentation may come out of a need that Online Missionaries have noticed in their daily work or it may come as a response a current event like a natural disaster or terrorist attack within their country or region. This idea is communicated with our outreach team and the work is started to create a new Gospel presentation.

2. Converting this idea into a Gospel presentation is a smooth process. Each team has a designated writer who can convert the idea into text for a landing page. Here is an example of a new Gospel presentation that came as a response to an increase in messages received about anger and forgiveness. After it is written, we have our resident theologians check for theological accuracy.

3. After the Gospel presentation landing page is created and checked for theology, companion digital ads are made that address the same topic discussed on the landing page. Here as an example of a few ads that lead to the new forgiveness landing page:

4. These ads are then assigned to a campaign on Google, Facebook or any other kind of digital ad service. Then, we run them in a test phase to see how they do compared to our benchmarks and if they are seeing favorable results, we will increase the budget appropriately.

Any more questions on our process? Contact us on social media and we'll be glad to answer your inquiry! Thank you for your support of the ministry!

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