3 Ways Global Media Outreach Goes Places Virtually

The Internet and the Great Commission
Think about this: 100 websites, 26 languages, over 1.5 billion gospel presentations made...and counting. Who would have thought the Internet would help with the effort to fulfill the Great Commission?

Well, it is! Recently, Lee Martin talked with Jim Brangenberg at the IWork4Him Online Radio Show about online missions. He shared,

”If we look back over the ages there has been human inventions that God has used for His purposes to spread the gospel...Now we have thing called the Internet.”

With 91% of the global population living near a cell tower, we now have the opportunity to share God with the entire world. And guess what? Where we can’t go personally, we go virtually.

Here are three ways we go places virtually and share Jesus:

  1. Share Jesus Online - We share Jesus with the world in 26 languages by driving traffic to our websites through search engines and using the power of search engine optimization (SEO). We find people looking for answers for as little as 5 cents per gospel presentation.

  1. Grow People in Faith - After the gospel is presented, many people decide to follow Jesus. When they do, we connect them with one of our over 5,000 Online Missionaries. Together they start a journey of growth for the new believer as they build a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  1. Connect on the Ground - When Online Missionaries connect with people who are eager to grow in faith, they help them find a local Christian community. Our team partners with ministries around the world to ensure we have churches and fellowships to connect people to.

Do you want more details? Hear Lee talk about this and more when you listen to the full interview.

Are you wondering how we keep track of every gospel presentation, decision and discipleship interaction?

Visit, greatcomission2020.com/live and join us in celebrating people who give their lives to Christ in real time!

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