An Unquenchable Love for the Gospel: Roseangela's Story

Roseangela is a Portuguese Online Missionary who has a passion to share Jesus with the lost. But her story isn’t one that you would expect to hear from a missionary who reaches thousands of people with the Gospel. Here’s her story, in her own words:

“Since I knew the Gospel of Christ, I have had a deep desire to share it with people, so I always looked for ways that enabled me to evangelize. When I did not have access to the internet, I evangelized people by letters, through correspondence with several people from Brazil and abroad.

When I had access to the internet, I soon did research on how to do online evangelism. I remember how I Google searched ‘Being an online missionary,’ and how I fell right on the Global Media Outreach page.

I saw the testimony of an American OM called Sarah Coiner who has cerebral palsy. I identified with her story because I also have cerebral palsy but still wanted to tell the Good News about salvation in Christ to people. Through her testimony, I felt even more motivated to do missions online, so I signed up to be Online Missionary.”

Roseangela is just one of thousands of Online Missionaries at Global Media Outreach, all who have an inspiring story and a great passion for sharing the Good News with those who need it. Check back for more amazing stories in the months to come!

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