Unexpected Salvation

Sometimes, life change can come when you least expect it. For Ana, her life was radically flipped upside down by a simple conversation over the Internet.

What began as a simple, cordial conversation between herself and an Online Missionary became her introduction to the true Gospel of grace offered by Jesus Christ.

Raised in a spiritual family, Ana had lived the majority of her life under the belief that good works were the tools of salvation. She believed that if she was regularly attending church and avoiding sin better than most of the people around her, God would fully love and forgive her.

Ana isn’t alone. A recent Pew poll in the U.S. showed that more than 57 percent of self-proclaimed evangelical Christians believe that Jesus is not the exclusive way to heaven.

Her new OM, Eduardo, was trained to spot this theological confusion and made sure to correct her, proving through scripture that good works are never enough to provide eternal salvation:

“As for being a good person, I am left with what Jesus says ‘There is not good one is God.’ We are all sinners and we have a double nature: the inheritance of Adam, with which we have to keep on dealing, and the new man with the nature of Christ; the one we feed will prevail.”

While Eduardo proclaimed this critical part of the Gospel to Ana, it was not immediately clear if she fully understood what this meant for her status on judgment day.

“I totally agree with you that the only one who can judge if we are good or not is our Creator.”

Noticing she lacked knowledge of justification by grace alone, Eduardo encouraged Ana to read the book of John. This Gospel is known for its rich theology and its clear presentation of belief in Jesus as the only way to salvation. In fact, the word ‘belief’ is used 98 times in the Gospel of John compared to 50 times in the rest of the New Testament combined.

As Eduardo and Ana’s relationship deepened, so did Ana’s understanding and belief in Jesus as the only way to salvation. She began to realize that her works could not save her and that to be saved, she had to put her complete trust in Jesus’ righteousness to cover her.

Because of Eduardo’s commitment to discipleship and the work of the Holy Spirit, Ana was saved from a false Gospel. Following her conversion, Eduardo made sure to connect Ana to a local church so that she could receive discipleship from an additional source. However, as fate would have it, she soon moved to his city in Argentina and they began attending the same church.

Now, Eduardo and Ana are working together on a new church plant in Argentina and preaching the Good News to lost souls, just like Ana was a few short years ago. What started as a simple online friendship has turned into a life-long, Gospel honoring and preaching friendship. Praise the Lord!

To help more people like Ana come to a life-saving faith in Jesus as the only way to Heaven, make your best gift today.

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