How we've reached Indonesia in 2019

Global Media Outreach - 2 min


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Located in Jakarta, Indonesia, our Indonesian team is powered by three amazing staff members. Through the work of these three and about 50 Online Missionaries, we reached more than 6 million Indonesian-speaking people with the Gospel in 2019 and more than 40,000 seekers were connected with an Online Missionary.

To make their Gospel advertisements more relatable to their culture, the Indonesian team held a photoshoot to create a bank of photos for the team to use in their advertisements. Now, when people come across their ads on the Internet, they see someone they can relate to, and are more likely to respond to the Gospel presentation.

In May, the team launched their personalized Facebook page, JALAN IMAN, which means ‘The Way of Faith.’ Through this page and custom-made YouTube video ads, the team served hundreds of thousands of Gospel visits.

Looking ahead, the team has plans to add even more Online Missionaries and expand their outreach as much as God will allow. Praise God for this team and for their heart for the lost!


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