Growing Through Pain

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The machines were the only thing keeping her alive. Left in a coma from a terrible accident, Linda was surrounded by loving family members who were preparing to say their last goodbyes.

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months; Linda kept battling for her life every minute of every day.

Then, suddenly, she woke up.

The doctors were stunned. As they scrambled to figure out how the young woman they believed to be brain dead woke from a four-month coma, a new normal began to set in for Linda and her family: one filled with regular doctor visits, therapy and a long, winding road to recovery.

This road came with plenty of setbacks and led to a life filled with frustration and disappointment. Although she was grateful to be alive, Linda felt desperate to find a new purpose, so she reached out online for guidance.

That’s when she met Jessica, her Online Missionary.

“I believe that God has me like this for a reason and I’m still trying to figure that out even though it’s hard,” Linda said in one of her first messages to Jessica.

Like many of the people who come to Global Media Outreach, Linda was in desperate need of a Christian friend to help and encourage her through life’s difficulties.

Linda got what she was looking for–and more–in Jessica. Remarkably, they have exchanged more than 4,000 messages over the three years of their relationship. Almost daily, the messages sent between the two include devotionals, theological questions, prayer requests, praise reports and general talk about life.

With no one else in her life to relate to on her spiritual battle, Linda started with minimal knowledge of the Scriptures.

“I really don’t get the Bible at all,” Linda said early in their conversations. “It bugs me a lot that I just put the Bible down and I haven’t picked it back up.”

Throughout their relationship, Linda and Jessica have completed dozens of Bible studies together and conversed about life’s biggest questions: Why did God make me like this? What is the purpose of my life? Does God love me?

There is a constant refrain from Linda when Jessica returns with inspiring answers filled with the hope of God:

“Amen Jessica, thank you sooooo much! I really needed this today.”

Without the help and support of Jessica, Linda would most likely be feeling more alone and depressed than ever. Now, Linda can see the purpose behind her accident and rejoice in the work God has done in her life through her difficulties.

“The greatest miracle GOD has done for me is to allow me to live again when every doctor and nurse told my family I was going to die. The other miracle is seeing that I can stand and take steps when I was told that I would never walk again. THERE IS A GOD and he is guiding me!”

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