Nompucuko: Leaving a Life of Sin

Global Media Outreach Staff - 2 min


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Influenced by the people around her, Nompucuko was caught up in a lifestyle of of sin. She knew she needed to get her life back on track. Broken, hurting, confused, and convicted, she searched online for help. After coming across a Global Media Outreach website, Nompucuko wanted to renew her faith and make it the focus of her life.

She connected with Marilyn, an Online Missionary who taught her, challenged her with Scripture and prayed with her. Nompucuko slowly began to trust Marilyn, read the Bible, and ask questions.

She became involved in church and learned God is all she needs. Even though it took some courage to say "no" to former friends, she left her old lifestyle. Nompucuko had finally come to believe and accept God’s gift.

As time went by, she got hungrier and hungrier for God's word. Now, Nompucuko loves God more than anything! She loves reading His Word and applying His truth to her heart. Marilyn began connecting Nompucko to Christians in her area, with hopes that she'll be able to learn from them face to face.

Nompucuko's walk has been a journey of ups and downs, of tears and anger, of joy and excitement. She knows God will speak to her through her Online Missionary – to comfort her, discipline her, challenge her, and love her.

Nompucuko is now sharing the Gospel with everyone she meets. God is doing amazing things in her life!

"I thank GOD for saving my life. Now I am a born-again child of God."

Do you want to walk with people like Nompucuko through their ups and downs? Join the Journey.


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