Spring 2017 Newsletter

A Word From Jordan

Organizations go through three phases: start-up, opportunistic and strategic. At Global Media Outreach, we are moving into the strategic phase. 

We are becoming a distribution ministry, one that provides our partner ministries access to our large network of seekers so people can be effectively discipled. We also provide our response system and Online Missionaries to partner ministries to help them fulfill their mission and share their materials. 

The most significant change in our strategic phase is an adjustment to our language strategy. The ministry is recruiting cultural experts to serve as language directors across the globe in countries such as Brazil, Lebanon, Indonesia, India, China, the United States and more. Each language director has a team that is focusing on expanding Gospel reach in their language as they execute their strategy. The main goal is to evangelize, disciple and partner with people in their culture in the best way they see fit, with support from subject-matter experts. 

With this strategy, Global Media Outreach aims to: 

For more than 13 years, the Lord has continuously shown us the direction He wants for Global Media Outreach. We are excited to see the great things that are ahead. Thank you for being a part of this amazing journey in reaching the whole world for Christ. 

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