Spring 2017 Newsletter

OM Spotlight

When Greg and Kathy Gist heard about Global Media Outreach at their church four years ago, they both immediately jumped at the opportunity to become Online Missionaries. Since then, the couple has sent messages to more than 1,200 contacts and seen many come to Christ through their work. 

For the Gists, the best part of being Online Missionaries is reaching people for Christ safely and quickly over the Internet and impacting a greater number of people than they could even if they were full-time missionaries. 

“There’s no way in a lifetime I could talk to people about Jesus as much as I do [with Global Media Outreach], even if you take 20 mission trips you’re going to maybe get 30 people. You just can’t cover the ground. You’re able to have some kind of influence – I’m going to leave a lot of it with the Lord – but you’ve planted a lot of seeds.” 

As their fire for reaching the lost continues to grow, the Gists are committed to serving through Global Media Outreach and increasing their global impact for Christ. 

Join us in thanking Greg, Kathy and all of our Online Missionaries for all they do to spread the name of Jesus. 

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