Fall 2016 Newsletter

OM Spotlight: Stefan

Stefan grew up believing in God, but didn’t understand God’s personal love for him until 2007 when he met a missionary from Atlanta and had the Gospel explained to him clearly for the first time. As you can imagine, his life hasn’t been the same since.

After becoming a Christian, Stefan decided to go on a ‘pilgrimage tour’ in repentance for his sins and as a way to plead to Jesus to let him find love in this world again. In Stefan’s words, Jesus acted very quickly and brought his girlfriend Gaby into his life in 2014. Gaby was in the same season of growth as Stefan at the time, so the two have helped refine each other in the past two years.

 “I know that Jesus took me out of my former life, because my relationships had never been a loving thing, rather [I despised] relation on my expenses....I thank God for rewarding me so much and I feel blessed to be one of His tools to reach out to the world, proclaiming His majesty, His redemption, His goodness and His daily presence."

Stefan lets that love overflow as an Online Missionary, connecting with people like Faustine from Tanzania.

Faustine, was raised in a ritualistic religious culture and found Jesus through a Global Media Outreach website. After his salvation, the bond of brotherhood between the two has been mutually beneficial, both encouraging each other through tough life circumstances such as stolen money and email fraud. Above all, Stefan has been able to share with Faustine how Jesus fulfilled Old Testament texts by becoming the ultimate and final sacrifice for our sins.

We are so thankful and praise God for our faithful volunteers just like you Stefan.  

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