Winter 2018 Newsletter

Call To Prayer

Join us in prayer as we lift up the Spanish Language Team and Spanish-speaking individuals who are searching for spiritual answers. 

• Pray for our team to be successful in creating culturally relevant content for the people they are serving

• Pray for the  successful  recruitment of  Spanish Online Missionaries

• Pray that millions of Spanish-speaking people will come to accept Jesus as their Savior in 2018

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A Word From Jeff

As we kicked off 2018, we spent the first work day of the year not in the office, but offsite in a day of worship and prayer, seeking God's direction for the upcoming year. Our staff spent the day … Read On

The Last Shall Be First

With death knocking on his door, 84-year-old Jose felt like he had lived it all and seen it all, but God was not done with him. The uncertainty of the surgery that would treat his cancer made him … Read On

How Are You Making a Difference?

TOP 5 THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT OUR OUTREACH IN SPANISH :  1. By creating culturally relevant content, our Spanish Christmas campaigns saw more people come to Christ at a lower cost than ever … Read On

An Eternal Impact

Global Media Outreach is partnering with the National Christian Foundation (NCF), a foundation whose mission is to simplify giving and help motivated individuals give creatively from stocks, real … Read On