Spring 2016 Newsletter

Your Support At Work

Thanks to you, people coming to our sites are more engaged than ever! Online Missionaries are hard at work. Here's the fruit of your support and prayers:

  • More than 92,181,211 Gospel Presentations have been made around the globe.
  • There's been 8,211,375 Indicated Decisions to follow Jesus...and counting.
  • Online Missionaries have interacted with seekers 14,001,880 times through Discipleship Engagements.

* September 2015 - April 2016

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Call To Prayer

A month ago, Sikhangezile was feeling battered and bruised from the way her life was turning out. She found Godlife.com and said: " Every part of my life, relationships, finances, my … Read On

Sharon's Testimony

Sharon has been an Online Missionary for 9 years. She was called to serve at Global Media Outreach, wanting her days to count for the glory of God: “I always feel like the windows of … Read On

A Word From: Stacy Varghese

Just last month, I had the incredible opportunity to host a long-term partner from India at our headquarters. This man has worked tirelessly for the last four years, coordinating many of our projects … Read On

A Family Saved

Partnership Since May 2012, Global Media Outreach has cultivated a strong partnership with a large church in Lima, Peru. Thanks to you, this partnership has allowed us invite contacts to … Read On